Wednesday, June 12, 2019

One Punch Man S2 " The ultimate dilemma "

After  a gap of one week One punch man latest episode is finally aired on Tuesday. All the fan wants to see a massive  battle between Saitama and Goketsu but as usual this episode shows us something different.  Episode 09 shows us the confusion of Saitama and his curiosity to find out a stronger person than him and for satisfying his desire he participated in martial art tournament.  He just want fight a strongest person  but he doesn't find anyone. 

Finally, Suirya realized how strong  Saitama is and he also get motivate from Saitama to become a hero. Saitma wants to fight Hero hunter Garo as he think that Garo might be stronger than him but eventually he kicked Garo's butts  two times accidently. Although monster association draws back from city and they move forward to their final step to destroy humanity. 

Black Clover " Formation of Royal Knights "

Black clover finally shows us all the members of Royal Knights and it's latest episode also suprised us by giving the command of Royal Knights to Mereoleona Vermillion who is one of the best warrior of Clover kingdom. Hopefully this month we will see a huge clash between  The eyes of Midnight sun  and Royal Knights.  Episode 87 shows us the new robes of Royal Knights and also introduces few new members of Royal Knights who get direct entry to Royal Knights. 

The character of Zora is reintroduce in this episode as a member of Black Bulls which shocked Ashta so much.  At last, Royal Knights find out the hideout of  The eyes of Midnight Sun and will attack them sooner. In my point of view,  Captain Vangeance will the head of Eyes of Midnight sun  Litch and he will be trap in some kind of magic. I think this month brings so many twists and turns in black clover.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Attack On Titan "Midnight Sun "

The war between Scouts and titans is over and Scouts win the war but only few members of scouts are survive while Beast Titan are succeed to run away from the battle field. Attack on titan episode 55 shows us the conflict between the scouts as Armin and Captain Erwin both are badly injured and Captain Levi  want to give the injection of titan serum to Commander Erwin but Eren and Mikasa want to give that injection to Armin.

Meanwhile,  Beast Titan rescue Reiner from Hange and he run away from there. Captain Levi,  Mikasa and Eren are arguing to each other and give their point of view  towards Armin and Cammander Erwin. This the typical situation for the scouts because both Armin and Commander Erwin are extraordinary intelligence and both play a special role to defeat titans. But somehow the senior of the scouts Hange and Captain Levi decided to give the titan serum to Cammander Erwin. Although at the moment,  Commander Erwin himself refuse  it and the captain Levi  realizes that commander Erwin faces pain and scarification in his life and his decision mande him a demon and his life is a hell so Captain Levi decides to give the injection to Armin and left Commander Erwin to die peacefully and walk out from this hell. This season gives this role an awesome ending. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jojo Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind " Geentea and Sanctuary "

Jojo bizarre adventure Golden Wind is taking a interesting turn as it will show us few characters of previous series.  Now let discuss the latest  episode 30, 31,and 32 . I review three episode in same time because the title of these episode are same and they continue the same story. Giorno's team is leading toward Colosseum to meet Polnareff who will tell him about the bow and arrow  but they are followed by passione's assassin and they having problems to defeat them but our heroes will destroy them with their unique style. 

Both assassin's stand Greentea and Sanctuary are powerful and their combination is a deadly combination  but Bucciarati and Giorno seperate them and tackle them cleverly.  We also see some unique ability of Greentea user Cioccolate but the combo attack of Mista and Giorno is fabulous specially bullet 5 who help Giorno allot to defeat Cioccolate. I think all the assassins of Passione is underestimate Giorno's ability and his stand power although he suprised them everytime.

We see that Cioccolate get defeated but his partner assassin gives a hard time to Bucciarati and the battle between them are massive but at the end, Bucciarati  defeat him and he also get injured.  The latest episode get more interesting when it shows the Boss in front of Bucciarati and he will want to kill Bucciarati as he is injured. Meanwhile,  Polnareff is waiting for them but after watching the situation of Bucciarati, he made his decision,  if Bucciarati doesn't come to Colosseum then he will destroy the arrow.  This new month will bring so many twists and turns in Jojo bizarre adventure and I think soon we see a battle between Boss and Giorno. 

Friday, May 31, 2019

Karakuri circus " Valediction"

The journey of Narumi,  Masaru and Eleonore are going on and we will the reunion of them. Narumi and Eleonore are on their mission to go to the space station and defeat Faceless but the automaton of Faceless is chasing them and want to stop them. This month we see death of some characters who play a important part to save humanity. 
Karakuri circus episode 32 shows us little romance between Narumi and Eleonore and they send time together but Narumi hide his feelings from her because he think there is no future for them and he decides that he won't come back from the space station so he depress his feelings toward Eleonore and just want to save humanity.  At last , Masaru reunites with Nakamura circus and want to Eleonore and Narumi but they stop him as they want to give some time to Narumi and Eleonore and they want that they spend quality time together  because they know about the decision of Narumi.  Next month,  Karakuri circus will bring some twist and turn and it makes the upcoming episodes more interesting.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One Punch Man S2 - 08 " The strong one fight back"

One punch man S2 is introducing a few characters in every episode which make this season more interesting.  Martial arts tournament is ended and its closing ceremony is going on  but Gokestu comes to the stadium and want to change all the participants into monster by giving them monster cell. Some of them oppose while some of them accept it and become monster.  The interesting point is that Suirya who is introduces as an interesting character will become a monster or not and he rejects it although Snek and Max fight with Goketsu but they easily get defeated

Choze who get incredible power after eating monster cell is fighting with Suirya but Suirya defeat him  and go for Goketsu but he has no match with him and he easily defeated.  All the attack of Suirya doesn't put a scratch on him and he is screaming for help. This episode shows us how the thinking of Suirya about heroes changes and his ego and pride is totally get broken. He is crying and screaming for help and call heroes for help. His rival who also changed into monster gonna kill him but our hero Saitama save him and he will fight both of them. The monster association fulfill their all objectives and in future,  we will see a massive battle between monster association and hero association

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Black clover - 85 " together in the bath"

The entrance exam of Royal Knights is over and Wizard king will announce the name of all Magic Knights who will be the part of Royal Knights. In previous episode Black clover shows the new power level of Yuno by which Asta get suprised and he also get depress and loss his interest in his dream.  Evertime when Asta get closer to Yuno's power level,  Yuno suprise him with his new ability and power.

Yami captain of Black Bull invites all members of Black Bulls to take bath with him and he is telling his story when he joined Magic Knights and also about the rivalry between him and Vangeance. After joining the Magic Knights,  he trained in forest where few villagers came to him and asked him for help them from a group of bandits who robbed their crops.  During the fight with bandits,  he met with Vangeance first time and they fought together with them. The friendly rivalry between them started during the battle and we will see from story of their rivalry in Black Clover.  I think before the massive battle with midnight sun , Black Clover will show us the friendship bond between Yami and Vangeance and also tells us the  backstory of Vangeance.