Wednesday, May 22, 2019

One punch man S2 -07 "Class S heroes "

Saitama is still want to know about some martial art techniques but he doesn't find out  any worthy opponent who can show him some awesome move. In meantime,  monster of monster association are attacking the city but all of them are stop by class s heroes.
One punch man S2-07 "class a hero shows us all class s hero who are participating in battle with monster and we also see their unique ability. As we all expect, the martial arts tournament finished quickly and Saitama doesn't find out actual use of martial arts, although it is very difficult to overpower hero to find out the awesomeness of martial arts as he just defeat his opponent with one punch. 

Episode  -07 also shows us one side fight between Saitama and Suirya where all of move and fighting style of Suirya doesn't get useful on Saitama and he understands that Saitama is out of his league. This episode also introduces some new characters, Atomic samurai is one of them and their sword style is unbelievable and they are also get provoked by monster association. It also shows as the power level of class s heroes such as Tribble Tornado and via Visa. At the end , it shows us the face of monster "Goketsu" who defeats Genos easily . I hope we will see a good fight  between Saitama and Goketsu.


Thursday, May 16, 2019

Karakuri circus-30 "pieta"

Karakuri circus is on its pick and it shows us to many turns a d twists ,we see the new face of Lord Faceless and also see few love stories.  All the person of Younder Castle with children hated Eleonore as they think that Lord Faceless destroy this world because of her but she cures all of them . We also the love triangle between Narumi , Eleonore and Mingxia but at the end Mingxia realizes that she gonna lose Narumi.
Karakuri circus episode 30 also give a awesome farewell to guy and his role is ended in this series.  Before his death he make sure that Narumi always gonna protect Eleonore as he pretends that he hate her but his face the truth that he loves her so much. After along time Masaru also find out that Narumi is still alive and become a Shrigone.

Finally we will see the reunion of three of them after a long period as they started their journey together just to protect Masaru.  The next episode of Karakuri circus will be fabulous. 
Narumi, Eleonore along with Nakamahi circus go to space to face Lord Faceless while others leave the Younder Castle because 3000 automaton are attack the Castle but Guy act like a decoy and buy some time for them to escape the Castle.  We see the last fight of Guy. Karakuri circus gives this character a fabulous farewell

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kimetsu No Yaiba -06 "Swordsman Accompanies a Demon "

The journey of Tanjiro as Demon Slayer started and his first mission to find the demon who is kidnapping girls from the town of Northwest but there are more surprises and turn in his journey. 
In his first mission, he faced a high level demon which make this episode more interesting.  Kimestu no yaiba shows us that there are so many things will happen in the future of this series.  If you are the manga reader,  you should know that. 
Tanjiro starts searching the demon with his special ability of smelling any scent. I get suprised that on his first mission he gonna face a Morphed demon who can use a special  spell called " Blood Demon Art" but our hero is far stronger than them but episode-06 shows that Tanjiro facing  problems against that demon.
This episode also reveals the main villain of Kimetsu no yaiba who can turn human into demon and the first one who became a demon,  the demon name is "Muizan Kibutsuji". I think after this , it drawn the attention of all viewers and built a craze among them. As we all know that he has his sister with him who supports him in very worse situation. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

JoJo bizarre adventure Golden Wind Episode -29 " Get to the Roman Colosseum "

After a gap of week, JoJo bizarre adventure Golden Wind continues its episode with some twist and turn.  After getting  picture of boss's face , Bucciarati's team start searching for his identity  but they couldn't find  it but they find out that Abbicchio was killed  by boss and he is chasing them. Jojo bizarre adventure Golden Wind episode 29 introduces some new characters,  the first one who hacked Bucciarati's laptop and the second one who is a assassin of passione gang.

The first  one who hacked Bucciarati's laptop wants to help them and he knows the true identity  of Boss and also how  will they defeat him. Episode 29 also  tell us about the bow and arrow and who made it. As all of us know that bow and arrow  has significant role in all Jojo bizarre adventure series and also there are few reference from the  Jojo bizarre adventure star dust . In my point of view,  the guy who want to help Bucciarati's team will be Polnareff as we all know that after Egypt's tour he went back to his home in Rome. The second character who is the assassin of Passione gang is ordered to kill Bucciarati's team. Jojo bizarre adventure Golden Wind shows us , this character is a psycho who love to see the way people die.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Dragon Ball Heroes " Universe 11's Climatic Battle "

"Universe 11's Climatic Battle"

Dragon ball heroes is on its pick and it will be ended after few more episodes. I think DBH will end before  the realizing date  of DBS new season which will be air on last week  of July or first week of August.  The latest episode of DBH continues with the fight between Vegita and Kamioren. Vegita is in new form which is SSGSS and he just starts beating Kamioren  badly. 

I think  we may be  see ultra instinct Goku one more time but  we can't.  Although,  I suprised  so see that Trunks is fighting  with  Lagss which is amazing. DBH also hints us that we might be seen battle between Goku and Heart in next episode.  As we all know that DBH doesn't revival the true strength of Heart.
This episode also teases us about  Fu who is watching all the battle and enjoy that and it also shows  the face of new villian who might be introduce in next  episode. DBH also inform us about the massive battle which will be on Universe 7.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Attack On Titan " The Town Where Everything Began"

After a long time gap, Attack on titan new season first episode is aired on 28th April with it's awesomeness. This new season will show us a massive war between human and titan. Attack on titan episode 50, shows us that the scouts are moving toward the wall Maria to retake it.

The scouts travel all night  to reach wall Maria. In their way, it refresh the memory of Erin. The scouts team reached the wall Maria where they are starting to search for titan but Bertholdt and Reiner knew that they are coming so they make plane to trapped all of them and they are hiding somewhere. Captain Levi's  team move toward the outer wall and Erin plugs the hole of the wall.

At the same time , Arlelt is searching  for the enemies and he finds some evidence that the enemies are hiding somewhere. For locating the enemies, a unit under Artelt's command start searching but they couldn't find them. After that Artelt realized that enemies must be hiding in the wall and they start searching the wall and they find Renier who is hiding in the wall. Suddenly captain Levi attack Reiner but he couldn't finish him and Reiner  turned into titan form. All his subordinates who are hiding  also transform to their titan form and this time we see that the leader of their group " the largest titan ". The war between  human and titan just starts.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Dragon Ball Hero " Fierce Battle! Goku And Vegita"

After a month,  dragon ball hero episode 10 is aired on 18th  April which continues the universe conflict arc. As we saw in previous episode, Goku arrived  at the battlefield  with his Grand Priest Goku avatar.

The battle  in universe 11 is going on and Dragon Ball Hero latest episode  introduces new villain. The battle  between Goku and Omen and Kamin going  on and Goku easily beating them. Oren and kamin are merged and become kamioren to defeat Goku but still they have no match with Goku.

Heart attacks Goku with the crystal, Goku stop the crystal but lose his ultra instinct form. The new villain is inside  the crystal  and her name is Lagss. She said "my glass slice him apart " and the broken part of crystal slices Goku continuously  and Goku fall down.

After seeing that, vegita attacks Kamioren but he fail, then He power-ups himself and transforms to SSGSS.
In the next episode, we will see his new transformation