Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Attack On Titans New Season

After a massive hit, "Attack on Titan Season 3" was end with episode 12 and its New Season will air on 29 April 2019 which continue its massive action .

Last episode of the Attack on Titan shows that Hange analyse the titan serum's formula because of it volatile nature so Erwin gave the serum to Levi  ,if the situation are out of control during war then He must be used to turn someone into Titan .Levi made a secret plan to use the scouts to search the Yaeger  family's basement and Erwin  confirms The arrangement are in place to retake The Wall Maria .Image result for picture of attack on titan

On the night before their mission , The Scouts treated themselves meet for dinner To light the atmosphere before the mission .

At the end scouts ride out for The wall Maria and Bertholt and Reiner stand guard on wall Maria.
The Trailer of  This season give you Goosebumps and this season will be mind blowing ... 

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