Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Black Clover" Fierce Battle "

After the battle between team A and team B, Mimosa's older brother Kirch  appear who is some kind of weirdo.he always talk about his beauty and nothing .He is participate  in next battle .
next battle is between Team C and Team D.

Team C:- Kirch ,Sol and Manga
Team D:- Cese , Adrian and Willy

Magna used his flame creation magic while Sol used her earth creation magic to defeat Team D but they don't lose that easily . Kirch who is the vice captain of the Coral Peacock covered the battlefield  with a storm of magic petals and make route for his teammates to attack on the crystal  of the Team D and they destroy Team D crystal. 

Next battle is between Team E and Team F.
Team E :- Finral ,Leopold and Hamon
Team F:- Kyle , Borja and Craston

In this battle Finral of Black Bulls used his spatial magic which gives incredible mobility and they easily win the battle in few minutes. Other magic knight get empress with Black Bulls Kinghts and their power .

The next battle is between Team G and Team H 
Team G:- Langris ,Flagil and sekke 
Team H:- Gareth, Simon and Medio 

Finral's younger brother Langris and Sekke are charging straight to Team H and Langris used his incredible  spatial magic and cut the crystal  along with space and they win easily. 

There is a bickering between both  brothers Finral and Langris as they will facing each other in their next battle. 

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