Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Black Clover "Mage X "

In the previous episode, we saw that four round of Royal Magic Knight was ended and the strongest team won their round respectively.
In this episode, we see the past story of Rill Boismorlier who is the captain of the Aqua Deer Magic Knight and this episode explains why was he joined Magic Knights.

As we know that the next battle between Team I and Team  J . Team I has Rill, Nils, and Ruben, and Team J has Wainsly, Roland and Nix. Team J hesitated to battle with a captain of Magic Knight but Wizard King says, if they defeat captain Rill then they make names for themselves.

Now, there is a past story of Captain Rill as after getting his Grimoire, Captain Rill locked himself in his room and wanted to draw an unlimited picture but he can't, then his butler told him that he can make his ultimate picture in an ultimate canvas which will be found in the magic knights.

The battle of the next round is started, Team J think they easily capture Captain Rill and they attack him but Captian Rill defeat two of them easily with his incredible magic and his teammates break the crystal of their opponent.

This episode brings a surprise element and told us a few things about Captian Rill who always behave weirdly.

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