Sunday, March 31, 2019

Boruto "The Predestined Path"

The Curse mark arc of Boruto is ongoing and it's all episode give you thriller and twist. Boruto: Naruto next generation episode 100 "The Predestination path" shows us that Boruto's team are helping Jugo to cure the curse moose and they also help Jugo to control his cursed mark transformation.

In this episode, it seems that chief of the village plotting something strange for Boruto's teammates and for Jugo. He invites researcher from the land of rivers to research on Jugo's curse mark and told Boruto's team to leave the village as they don't tell them the truth about Jugo's curse mark transformation.

In the meantime when Wasabi, Namida, and sumidu are going to bring reinforcement from the hidden leaf village but they are attacked by the unknown shinobi who have cursed mark transformation and they defeat Wasabi and Namida and also give them curse mark. From their talk, its look like they were sent by the chief of the village to stop wasabi's team for bringing reinforcement from the hidden leaf village.
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