Sunday, March 31, 2019

One piece " The Fifth Emperor Of The Sea Emerges "

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Luffy escapes from Big Mom's territory and they sail toward the Wano land. The news about Luffy, Jimbei, and Beige attempted to assassinate Big Mom spread all over the world and also the news of the emergence of Fifth Emperor Of The Sea spread all over the sea.

One piece " Episode 878, The world is stunned! The fifth emperor of the sea emerges! " start with the back story of Shanks and Luffy, where they met and Luffy wanted to join Shanks pirates group which refresh the memory of Shanks as he read the news of Luffy in the newspaper which reminds him about the goal of Luffy to become the king of pirates.

In this episode, we see that Luffy find Grema 66 equipment in this pocket which is for Sanji but he doesn't want to take it. After that, they get the newspaper in which they read the news about themselves and there is a wanted poster of Sanji in which his bounty is increased to 320 million berries which are higher than Zoro which make him proud that he bit Zoro in the bounty. All the pirate's group and world government get shocked after knowing about Luffy attempt to assassinate Big Mom.

There is no information about the new bounty of Luffy and Jimbei in this episode but I hope we get this information in the next episode. 
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