Sunday, March 17, 2019

One Piece'The Man Of Humanity And Justice'

In previous episode of One Piece ,we saw that Big Moms Pirates attack on Straw Hats and they thought that they sunk their ship "Sunny " into the sea.
But Wadatsumi save Straw hats ship and change it with Sun pirates ship. Episode 876 shows the humanity and justice of Jimbei. The sun pirates started fight to Big Mons pirates to clear the passage for Straw Hats pirates .

Wadatsumi puts Straw Hats ship in his mouth and start swimming out from the battlefield but Oven attack on Wadatsumi and make him to take out Straw Hats ship from his mouth .The Sun Pirates make sure that Straw Hats ship get out from this situation  by attacking big Moms Pirates but they have no match with them .

there is a clash between Oven and Aladdin . Aladdin try to stop Oven to attack other Sun pirates and a showdown between them start.
Jimbei see that situation and want to stay with Sun Pirates and make sure that Straw Hates get out from there . Luffy agree with Jimbei and told him that he is his captain and he want to see him in Land Of Wano and also told him don't die here .

At the end all Fishermen generate a massive ocean current which help Straw Hats to escape from here . 

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