Monday, April 29, 2019

Attack On Titan " The Town Where Everything Began"

After a long time gap, Attack on titan new season first episode is aired on 28th April with it's awesomeness. This new season will show us a massive war between human and titan. Attack on titan episode 50, shows us that the scouts are moving toward the wall Maria to retake it.

The scouts travel all night  to reach wall Maria. In their way, it refresh the memory of Erin. The scouts team reached the wall Maria where they are starting to search for titan but Bertholdt and Reiner knew that they are coming so they make plane to trapped all of them and they are hiding somewhere. Captain Levi's  team move toward the outer wall and Erin plugs the hole of the wall.

At the same time , Arlelt is searching  for the enemies and he finds some evidence that the enemies are hiding somewhere. For locating the enemies, a unit under Artelt's command start searching but they couldn't find them. After that Artelt realized that enemies must be hiding in the wall and they start searching the wall and they find Renier who is hiding in the wall. Suddenly captain Levi attack Reiner but he couldn't finish him and Reiner  turned into titan form. All his subordinates who are hiding  also transform to their titan form and this time we see that the leader of their group " the largest titan ". The war between  human and titan just starts.

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