Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Black clove" Peasant Trap"

As we all know that the entrance exam of the royal knight is going on and stage one is completed. The last round of stage one was won by Yuno's team. For the second stage, the battlefield is changed and all the knights will fight on a different battlefield. The first battle is between team B and team C. Team A have Xerx, Mimosa, and Ashta and Team C have Kirsch, Sol, and Magna.

Black Clover Episode 78 " Peasant Trap", shows as a furious battle between Team B and Team C.  Before the battle, there is argue between Xerx and Ashta about the trap. Xerx agree that he set up bunch of traps around the battlefield before the battle as he got Intel  about where the exam held. He also said that is not a cheating.

Round one of second stage begin, Sol covers the whole field with storm of petal by using his cherry blossom magic. To cut down Sol's magic Ashta uses his devil mode and clear the field and also erased the trap which was set by Xerx. After that, there is no choice for Xerx and he team up with Ashta after their argument. Ashta's movie make sol furious and he alone attack Team B and fall for their trap and get trapped on a large hole and Ashta attack him and defeat him. The battle is still going on and we will see it in next episode. 

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