Tuesday, April 2, 2019

"Black Clover" Bad Blood

In the previous episodes of Black clover, we saw that the entrance exam for Royal Knights was going on and almost more than half of the exam was completed. There are only four teams are left. The next battle is between Team M and Team N.

 In Black Clover episode 77" Bad Blood" we see that the battle between Team M and N is going on and Luck and Klaus of Team M show their new technique and defeat their opponent and destroy their crystal easily.

The last round is between Team O and Team P. Tam O have Sandler, Dmitri, and Solid while Team P have En, Noelle, and Yuno. There is a argue between Yuno and Noelle before the battle and suddenly Noelle's older brother Solid interface between them and taunt  Noelle about her weak magic power. There is a flashback in which it show that how Solid taunt his younger sister about her weakness and telling her why their mother sacrifices her life for this weakling and solid torture  Noelle every time.

Now the battle being, Team O attack directly on Tam P with their combo magic power but Yuno stop them easily. Now Team P split into two groups, Yuno is protecting the crystal while Noelle and En attack their opponent to destroy their crystal and this is the time for face up between Solid and Noelle. Noelle attacks his older brother with her sea dragon roar and defeat him with a single blow and also destroy the crystal. The initial battle between the groups was to end. 
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