Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Dororo " The Story Of Blank faced Budda"

After his meeting and fight with his family, Hyakkimaru and Dororo move toward the next village. In their way, Dororo hear about hot spring and she wants to bath there but Hyakkimaru deny. After Hyakkimaru leaving his father's land, it again blessed with rain and Diego deals with demon still stand.

Dororo Episode 13 " The Story Of The Blank Faced Buddha", shows us the story of the blank-faced Buddha statue which was made by the carver but he can't make its face to fulfill his duty demon of the statue revive him and give him the power to change his face and voice to the person who peoples love most and he takes the faces of people to the statue. Dororo also falls for his trick as he just looks like her mother. Both Hyakkimaru and Dororo stay in carver house in the night and have dinner with him. Carver mix sleeping drugs in their food and bring Hyakkimaru to the blank-faced Buddha.

Hyakkimaru sense a demon in that statue. he fights against that demon and in the end, he defeats that demon. After that both Hyakkimaru and Dororo go to the hot spring to take bath.

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