Friday, April 19, 2019

Dragon Ball Hero " Fierce Battle! Goku And Vegita"

After a month,  dragon ball hero episode 10 is aired on 18th  April which continues the universe conflict arc. As we saw in previous episode, Goku arrived  at the battlefield  with his Grand Priest Goku avatar.

The battle  in universe 11 is going on and Dragon Ball Hero latest episode  introduces new villain. The battle  between Goku and Omen and Kamin going  on and Goku easily beating them. Oren and kamin are merged and become kamioren to defeat Goku but still they have no match with Goku.

Heart attacks Goku with the crystal, Goku stop the crystal but lose his ultra instinct form. The new villain is inside  the crystal  and her name is Lagss. She said "my glass slice him apart " and the broken part of crystal slices Goku continuously  and Goku fall down.

After seeing that, vegita attacks Kamioren but he fail, then He power-ups himself and transforms to SSGSS.
In the next episode, we will see his new transformation

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