Saturday, April 6, 2019

Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind "Spicy Lady"

In the previous episode, we saw that Boss's assassin attack Giorno's team. They took a plane to travel to Sardinia but they attacked by a stand and Giorno lost his both hand and he thought that he defeat the enemies stand but he can't.

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In Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Stand Episode 24 " Spicy Lady", we see that the stand of the assassin is invincible. It seems that there is no way to defeat that stand. Bucciarati left Trish and go to the cabin to check Abbacchio. In the meantime, the enemy Stand attack on the Trish. Trish know about the ability of that stand so she walks slowly to reach the cabin but she gets caught by assassin's stand but her stand "Spicy Lady" save her and tell her if she has confidence then they defeat that stand to save broach which was left by Giorno to form his one hand.

Then Trish defeat a small part of assassin's stand and she thinks that she defeat it and take the broach but when Bucciarati come out from the cabin he sees the assassin's stand who is destroying the engine of the plane and he alerts Trish to walk slowly to him then Trish realize that assassin's stand still alive and he attacks Trish. Trish turns the cabin to elastic object and cut the remaining part of the plane which is occupied by the assassin's stand but still, that stand attacked to Abbacchio, then Bucciarati removes the sand from him and throws it to the sea. Finally, Bucciarati's team Safely landed to Sardinia to find out the identity of the Boss.

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