Friday, April 19, 2019

Karakuri Circus "Animals Show"

In the previous episode, we saw that Masaru and Lisa are in Mont Saint Michel and they are searching for Eleonore.  Karakuri circus 26 is continue this story as we known that Lisa fall in a dark place, this dark place is a cage of wild beasts and Masaru is in the room where the real bodies  of android OS are preserved. All the beasts in the cage are legendary beast such as unicorn, gorgon, basilisk,  and Cerberus.

At the meantime, Faceless summon Eleonore and show her Masaru and Lisa in the screen and tell her that he gonna kill both of them. The beast in the cage are not tamed by automaton, so Lisa tamed them and come out from the cage which shocked Dr. Leo. She order her beast to attack Dr. Leo. In the preservative room, Masaru and Columbine attack all Android OS but they are captured by them. Before  the battle  Masaru shut down the system which preserved Android  real bodies.

All the real bodies  of Android are come out from their cell and start crying  by seeing  their android's bodies and the Android OS are scared by seeing  their old and ugly  bodies.  Here, we see the reality  of life that,  ones who take birth,  he/ she becomes old and also dies some day. Android OS couldn't  this reality and they are killing  their own real bodies.

At the outside of Mont Saint Michel,  Dr. Leo run way from Lisa but Lisa chases him  and destroy him and come back to join Masaru. Masaru also move forward  where Faceless  shown up with his trustful automaton.

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