Friday, April 5, 2019

Karakuri Circus "Escape"

In the previous episode, we saw that automata attacked the facility which cures ZONAPHA syndrome. Faceless knew that human-invented a machine name, Harry which can cure the human of ZONAPHA syndrome and he ordered his automata to capture Harry.

In Karakuri Circus Episode 24 "Escape", we see that how Narumi and other escape from the hospital as we know that George die in the battle and Ashihana won his battle against Pantalone and ask him why he misses his target, he said that Lady Francine says him never hurt any human so he can't. In the meantime, Narumi and Mingxia are going to protect Harry but two automata are there to take Harry and there is a battle between them to protect Harry. Narumi easily defeats the first one but Mingxia faces the leader of the assault team, Blom Blom Low who defeat Mingxia easily which make Narumi furious.

After that Narumi attack, Blom Blom Low but his punches can't effect Blom Blom Low, then Narumi realized that he doesn't have the same body so he can surpass his limit and attack Blom Blom Low with his full power and defeat him. In the meantime, Ashihana called a clown train to escape from the hospital. He takes Harry along with all doctor and children. In the main entrance, Guy is fighting with so many automata and he is on his limit but Pantalone helps him to escape from there. Finally, all of them escaped from that place on the clown train. 
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