Sunday, April 14, 2019

One Piece "All The Captain Of The Revolutionary Army Appears "

The reverie arc is going to start so to get proper start,  one piece episode  880  is plotting  the initial story-line. As we know all the kings are going to reverie so all small pirates groups attacks town in their kingdom and robbed goods and money. A pirates group lead by their captain Preachead who is one of the subordinates of the Blackbeard pirates attack on a town and robbed their goods and money from the citizens.

Suddenly a giant appears from the ground who is Morley one of the captain of the Revolutionary army and defense the citizens. After that one by one all the captain  of Revolutionary army appears. Morley- captain of the Revolutionary army western forces, BeloBetty- captain of the Revolutionary army eastern forces, Lindbergh- captain of the Revolutionary army southern forces and Karasu- captain of the Revolutionary army northern forces.

In the meantime,  leader  of the Revolutionary army  Monkey D. Dragon  and his subordinates arrive to kamabakka kingdom which is their new Headquarters. In there Sabo reads the news of Luffy and his new bounty. All the top officers are meet there and they decide how they enter reverie and attack celestial dragon. At the same-time, Betty used her devil fruit 's power and motivate citizens  to fight against pirates by waving her flag. All the citizens attack pirates and all other captain backs them hence, they easily all pirates and capture their captain Pearchead. After that, Betty give citizens Revolutionary army contacts information for future. 

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