Sunday, April 7, 2019

One Piece"The StrawHats Sworn Allies Come Together"

After cake island incident, there is nothing specific happen in one piece. As we saw in previous episode news of the fifth emperor of sea spread all over the world and world government thinking about that.

In One Piece Episode 879," The Straw-hats Sworn Allies Come Together ", we see that 50 leaders of the world hold the world conference every four years which is known as Reverie and they are coming for reverie. In the meantime, at sunny both Luffy and Sanji are sad as Sanji think his bounty is an increase due to Grema influence while Luffy ha misunderstanding that his bounty is decreased.

All the leaders of all kingdoms are on the way to reverie since they attacked by some pirates group. Rebecca and Leo saw the newspaper and talking about Luffy to their king while a pirate group attack them through underwater but Coby save them and introduce himself to the king, at that moment he sees the news of Luffy in the newspaper and he is thinking about his past as how he met Luffy and how he inspired by him.

At the last, all four emperors talking about Luffy especially Big Mom and Kiddo as we know that both are bully by Luffy. In the end, Brook sees the wanted poster of Luffy and shocked to see the bounty of Luffy which is increased to 1.5 billion berries.

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