Wednesday, April 10, 2019

One Punch Man" The Hero's Return"

The second season of one Punch  man is start and its first episode is air on 9th April. One Punch Man 2 Episode 1" The Hero's Return ", shows us about King who is the class S rank 7 hero and also known as world strongest hero but actually he is just alier who take credit of Saitma.

In first episode, we see that monster and giant robot come to kill King which scared him. When a giant robot challenged him, he just run away from there but Saitma follows him to his apartment where a giant bird attack King. Saitma easily defeat him and he realizes that King is  a rookie who pee in his pant by seeing monster. 

In the meantime, Genos is fighting against giant robot in the town. There is a massive battle between them and finally Genos defeat giant robot and take its part to Dr. Kuseno to make himself more stronger. At the same time their is the meeting in HQ of Hero association where the leader of association Sitch invited all the criminals from the underworld. During the meeting a unknown person tell all the secret of HQ and want to meet Saitma and at the same time Hellish Blizzard who is class B rank 1 hero also want to meet Saitma and both want to know about the secret of Saitma's strength.  

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