Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One Punch Man "The Human Monster "

One punch man season 2 episode 2 introduces the main villain Garo who admires monsters and he killed hero one after another. He appears in the meeting which held on HQ and shows his intention he is gonna killed all heroes and villains as he called himself "Human monster". First he kills all three hero who are in meeting, then all the person in the meeting accept Sitch and declares war against human.

In the meantime, Hellish Blizzard and Speed-o-sound sonic are approaching to Saitama as one of them want to defeat him and other want to joined him to her team. As we all know that Saitama work lonely and he doesn't care about rank and position so he declines Hellish.  She attack Saitama with her powerful attack  but it not effect Saitama which surprised her. At the same time, they are distract by Genos and Speed - o- sound. Hellish  shocked after knowing that Genos is Saitama disciple. 

The fight between them still going  on and Genos used his new part and shows Speed-o-sound his new power. The fight between them  is intense and both of them using theirs strongest move which will destroy  surrounding,  so Saitama stop Genos and and as usual he defeat Speed -o- sound sonic in one punch. At the end, Hellish is telling her intention and also tell him that there are other heroes who are stronger than him like Handsome Kamen Amai mask and King and suddenly King arrives to see Saitama and to get back his video game. She doesn't understand the situation and she get  suprised and shocked. 

I hope all of you will like my review on one punch man episode 2.

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