Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Yu-gi-oh Vrain" Lightning's Crime"

In the previous episode, we saw that Soulburner got defeated by Bohman and transfer the hope and future of earth and igni's world to the playmaker.

In Yu-gi-oh Vrain episode 96" Lightning's crime" we see that Revolver send a message to Lightning. Lightning comes to the Revolver and asks him, why he send a message to him. Revolver sat that he know his all crime which make Lightning angry and now there is dual between them to stop each other. Meantime Playmaker gets ready to take revenge for his friend.

In his first turn Lightning summon Armatos Legi Gladius which allow him to add a field spell, Armatos Colosseum to his hand and he active field spell and then finally he summons link 3 Armatos Legio Plumbum Trident which has 2800 attack point and he ended his turn by placing a trap card on the field. In the meantime, both Playmaker and Bohman arrive at the flower field where the battle is going on.

After that Revolver tell everyone the crime of Lightning that is his free will to simulated the data of cyberse world and he also did several billion simulations on the future of the Ignis's relationship with human and after that he wants to annihilate both human and Ignis for that he create Bohman.

Now, this is Revolver turn he also activates field spell, boot sector launch which allows him to summon link 4 Borreload Dragon and finally summon gateway Dragon Autorakket Dragon to encounter judgment arrow. Revolver also used his magic card and summon link 4 Borreload Dragon and this is the end of the episode.
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