Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Black clover - 85 " together in the bath"

The entrance exam of Royal Knights is over and Wizard king will announce the name of all Magic Knights who will be the part of Royal Knights. In previous episode Black clover shows the new power level of Yuno by which Asta get suprised and he also get depress and loss his interest in his dream.  Evertime when Asta get closer to Yuno's power level,  Yuno suprise him with his new ability and power.

Yami captain of Black Bull invites all members of Black Bulls to take bath with him and he is telling his story when he joined Magic Knights and also about the rivalry between him and Vangeance. After joining the Magic Knights,  he trained in forest where few villagers came to him and asked him for help them from a group of bandits who robbed their crops.  During the fight with bandits,  he met with Vangeance first time and they fought together with them. The friendly rivalry between them started during the battle and we will see from story of their rivalry in Black Clover.  I think before the massive battle with midnight sun , Black Clover will show us the friendship bond between Yami and Vangeance and also tells us the  backstory of Vangeance.

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