Friday, May 10, 2019

Dragon Ball Heroes " Universe 11's Climatic Battle "

"Universe 11's Climatic Battle"

Dragon ball heroes is on its pick and it will be ended after few more episodes. I think DBH will end before  the realizing date  of DBS new season which will be air on last week  of July or first week of August.  The latest episode of DBH continues with the fight between Vegita and Kamioren. Vegita is in new form which is SSGSS and he just starts beating Kamioren  badly. 

I think  we may be  see ultra instinct Goku one more time but  we can't.  Although,  I suprised  so see that Trunks is fighting  with  Lagss which is amazing. DBH also hints us that we might be seen battle between Goku and Heart in next episode.  As we all know that DBH doesn't revival the true strength of Heart.
This episode also teases us about  Fu who is watching all the battle and enjoy that and it also shows  the face of new villian who might be introduce in next  episode. DBH also inform us about the massive battle which will be on Universe 7.

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