Friday, May 17, 2019

Karakuri circus-30 "pieta"

Karakuri circus is on its pick and it shows us to many turns a d twists ,we see the new face of Lord Faceless and also see few love stories.  All the person of Younder Castle with children hated Eleonore as they think that Lord Faceless destroy this world because of her but she cures all of them . We also the love triangle between Narumi , Eleonore and Mingxia but at the end Mingxia realizes that she gonna lose Narumi.
Karakuri circus episode 30 also give a awesome farewell to guy and his role is ended in this series.  Before his death he make sure that Narumi always gonna protect Eleonore as he pretends that he hate her but his face the truth that he loves her so much. After along time Masaru also find out that Narumi is still alive and become a Shrigone.

Finally we will see the reunion of three of them after a long period as they started their journey together just to protect Masaru.  The next episode of Karakuri circus will be fabulous. 
Narumi, Eleonore along with Nakamahi circus go to space to face Lord Faceless while others leave the Younder Castle because 3000 automaton are attack the Castle but Guy act like a decoy and buy some time for them to escape the Castle.  We see the last fight of Guy. Karakuri circus gives this character a fabulous farewell

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