Wednesday, May 22, 2019

One punch man S2 -07 "Class S heroes "

Saitama is still want to know about some martial art techniques but he doesn't find out  any worthy opponent who can show him some awesome move. In meantime,  monster of monster association are attacking the city but all of them are stop by class s heroes.
One punch man S2-07 "class a hero shows us all class s hero who are participating in battle with monster and we also see their unique ability. As we all expect, the martial arts tournament finished quickly and Saitama doesn't find out actual use of martial arts, although it is very difficult to overpower hero to find out the awesomeness of martial arts as he just defeat his opponent with one punch. 

Episode  -07 also shows us one side fight between Saitama and Suirya where all of move and fighting style of Suirya doesn't get useful on Saitama and he understands that Saitama is out of his league. This episode also introduces some new characters, Atomic samurai is one of them and their sword style is unbelievable and they are also get provoked by monster association. It also shows as the power level of class s heroes such as Tribble Tornado and via Visa. At the end , it shows us the face of monster "Goketsu" who defeats Genos easily . I hope we will see a good fight  between Saitama and Goketsu.


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