Wednesday, May 29, 2019

One Punch Man S2 - 08 " The strong one fight back"

One punch man S2 is introducing a few characters in every episode which make this season more interesting.  Martial arts tournament is ended and its closing ceremony is going on  but Gokestu comes to the stadium and want to change all the participants into monster by giving them monster cell. Some of them oppose while some of them accept it and become monster.  The interesting point is that Suirya who is introduces as an interesting character will become a monster or not and he rejects it although Snek and Max fight with Goketsu but they easily get defeated

Choze who get incredible power after eating monster cell is fighting with Suirya but Suirya defeat him  and go for Goketsu but he has no match with him and he easily defeated.  All the attack of Suirya doesn't put a scratch on him and he is screaming for help. This episode shows us how the thinking of Suirya about heroes changes and his ego and pride is totally get broken. He is crying and screaming for help and call heroes for help. His rival who also changed into monster gonna kill him but our hero Saitama save him and he will fight both of them. The monster association fulfill their all objectives and in future,  we will see a massive battle between monster association and hero association

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