Thursday, June 27, 2019

Black clover - 89 "black bulls hideout"

Everytime black clover gives suprise to its fan and this time it introduces new member of black bulls and the shocking news is that no one know about him accept Yami, although episode- 89 doesn't give much detail about   this new  character.  I hope this character will be some link with eyes of Midnight sun or may be something else.

Meanwhile,  Royal Knights parted in r groups and attack the eyes of midnight sun's hideout to bring down this evil organization.  Earlier,  I said that Captain Vangeance will be the leader of eyes of midnight sun "Litch"  and this episode also give hints about that. When Yami and others leave their hideout then the members of midnight sun attack the hideout which seems like a plan. There are only three members of black bulls who are protecting their hideout but its seem difficult for them.
Anyways,  this episode shows us boldness of Grey and Gordon and also shows their bonding with black bulls. The next episode will be us more information about the new character. 

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