Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Black Clover " Formation of Royal Knights "

Black clover finally shows us all the members of Royal Knights and it's latest episode also suprised us by giving the command of Royal Knights to Mereoleona Vermillion who is one of the best warrior of Clover kingdom. Hopefully this month we will see a huge clash between  The eyes of Midnight sun  and Royal Knights.  Episode 87 shows us the new robes of Royal Knights and also introduces few new members of Royal Knights who get direct entry to Royal Knights. 

The character of Zora is reintroduce in this episode as a member of Black Bulls which shocked Ashta so much.  At last, Royal Knights find out the hideout of  The eyes of Midnight Sun and will attack them sooner. In my point of view,  Captain Vangeance will the head of Eyes of Midnight sun  Litch and he will be trap in some kind of magic. I think this month brings so many twists and turns in black clover.

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