Wednesday, June 12, 2019

One Punch Man S2 " The ultimate dilemma "

After  a gap of one week One punch man latest episode is finally aired on Tuesday. All the fan wants to see a massive  battle between Saitama and Goketsu but as usual this episode shows us something different.  Episode 09 shows us the confusion of Saitama and his curiosity to find out a stronger person than him and for satisfying his desire he participated in martial art tournament.  He just want fight a strongest person  but he doesn't find anyone. 

Finally, Suirya realized how strong  Saitama is and he also get motivate from Saitama to become a hero. Saitma wants to fight Hero hunter Garo as he think that Garo might be stronger than him but eventually he kicked Garo's butts  two times accidently. Although monster association draws back from city and they move forward to their final step to destroy humanity. 

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