Tuesday, July 23, 2019

One Piece Episode 894 " The legend of Ace in land of Wano"

The land of Wano arc is started and one Piece introduces land of wano very well. In its first episode of land of wano arc,  one piece shothe beauty of land of wano but in last episode,  it shows us the reality of land of wano. One Piece episode 894 shows us the story of Otama who is waiting for Ace but she get trapped by kaido's pirates. Luffy saved her from Kaido's pirates . To return the favor,  Otama invites Luffy to her house to eat some food.

This episode also shows us the problem of Otama who is capable to eat rice for few years  but she cooked rice for Luffy which is she brought from market to celebrate her birthday.  Obama's master tell Luffy about the truth of Otama and also tell him how Kaido's pirates destroy her village and polluted  the river through the dump of factories. He also tell Luffy about Ace when he came to land of wano and saved villagers.  I think Luffy will fulfill the place of his brother and he will solve the problem of Otama and provides her a good life.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Kimetsu No Yaiba Episode 16 "letting someone else go first"

Finally,  Kimetsu no Yaiba Wii shows us one of the twelve moon. We know that the twelve moons are strongest demon of Muzan Kibutsuji who is the strongest demon ever  and no one can defeat him. Episode 16 shows that Tanjiro and Inosuke are fighting with controlled slayers but they don't find any way to come out from that situation so Murata says that he will hold off that slayers and Tanjiro can go after the demon but after that Tanjiro and Inosuke are intercepted by a female demon slayer.

Tanjiro and Inosuke find a way to stop controlled slayers which make demon angry and she killed all controlled slayers and summoned a headless demon among Tanjiro and Inosuke.  Meanwhile,  Zenitsu is searching for Tanjiro and Nezuko but he get followed by a demon and I think this demon will be one of the twelve moon. At last,  Inosuke tosses up Tanjiro and Tanjiro sees the demon and he attacks her but he sees that demon want to die so he used his fifth form attack to give her a peaceful death.  At the end of her life,  she warned Tanjiro about twelve moon.  I hope we will see a furious  battle between twelve moon demon and Tanjiro and his friends.