Monday, October 14, 2019

My Hero Academia episode 64 " the scoop on U.A class 1A" review

My hero academia season 4 1st episode aired on 12th October 2019. This episode refreshes the memories about my hero academia series. After the retirement of All Might, everyone want to know who will be the next symbol of peace and who will be take the place of All might. This episode shows us everything in UA Academia is fine and all the students give their best to become a great hero.

All the news channel want to know who is the successor of All Might. A freelance reporter also wanted to know that this thing so he decided to make a scoop on UA,  class 1A  students. He entered the institute and observed the students.  He finally gets his answer. He knows that Midoriya will be the successor of All Might.  He talk to Midoriya and take a picture with him as a memory because he also admires All Might and he just wanted to know who will be the successor of All Might.  Finally he got his answer and he promised Midoriya that he will not tell about this to anyone. 

This episode  just refreshes  the mind of viewers and creates a light mood before the main plot of this season.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Dr. Stone episode 15 review

The tournament is going on and Senku and Chrome are the finalist.  Chrome is unconscious and he is not gonna fight in final so Senku wins the tournament and he declared as Ruri's husband  but Senku shows his presence of mind and he took alcohol and gave divorce to Ruri immediately.

This episode shows us how Senku and his team made sulfa drugs to cure Ruri. Its took 25 steps. Senku and his team worked on sulfa drugs for more than 6 months. Senku wants to become the head of that village and for that he worked so hard and finally he made sulfa drugs and gave to Ruri. He also found that she suffered from pneumonia. He saved he and father of Ruri made Senku the chief of Ishigami village . The name of this village shocked Senku as his last name is Ishigami. At that moment, Ruri told Senku that she knew about him. I think, this village must be created by Senku's family members.

Assassin pride episode 1 "mercy of an assassin" review

Assassin pride is a light novel series written by Nino Ninomoto. The anime series of Assassin pride aired on 10th October 2019. This anime series shows us the world where maximum numbers of people has mana which means superhuman power and they fight against Lycanthropes. These creatures live in darkness. 

The story of this anime is about assassin Kufa Vampir who is the member of White Night guild. He is on mission to find out that Melida Angel is a true hire of Angel family or not? He had ordered from his commander that find out where is Melida has mana or not and if she doesn't acquire any type of mana, than he should kill her.

Kufa meets Melida as a tutor to examine her and he finds that she doesn't acquire any mana so he decided to kill her but when he saw the struggle and willpower of Melida, he decided to give her a potion which awakens her mana. I think, this potion may be forgotten in that world as he says that if someone knows about it than both of them will get killed. 

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Azur Lane episode 2 review

Azur lane 2nd episode shows us a battle between Azur lane and Red Axis.  After the fight,  Azur lane is repairing their warships and helps injured warriors. In meanwhile, Red Axis plans to attack another warships which are in their way to base. 

Prinze Eugen along with 4th commander of Sakura Empire attack the Eagle Union warships who are in their way to base.
Eagle Union warships have no match with Red Axis warriors and they get defeated easily. Enterprises has felling about it so he decided to help her sister and mates but her warships was in critical condition. 

She save her sister and mates but unfortunately, he warships get destroyed and she has no chance to win. In other hand, Laffey remains reluctant to fight against Z23 and Ayanami. In meanwhile,  the queen Elizabeth sends a maid to save Enterprises. 

This anime will shows us a friendship bound among Laffey, Ayanami and Javelin during the war and critical situation. 

Azur lane episode 1 review

Azur lane is a famous Japanese game created by Shanghai Manjuu and Xaimen Yongshi. Creator published its manga in September 2017. After a huge success in game and manga, creator aired its anime series and its first episode aired on 3rd October 2019.

In anime shows us the war against between 4 nation. The story of this anime is about Azur lane which is created by four nation Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Iron Blood and Sakura Empire to fight against aliens.  They developed a unique technique through which they combined the body of human with warships.  

The first episode of this anime shows us the conflict between Red Axis and Azur lane . Iron Blood and Sakura Empire betrayed Azur lane and wanted to rule the world. They attacked of the base of Royal Navy but Enterprises the strongest warships holder of Eagle Union save the base of Royal Navy but she get injured. 

This anime only shows female characters and thai anime shows us about world war between nations. 

Friday, October 11, 2019

Super dragon ball heroes episode 16 review

Super dragon ball heroes is in final stages as this episode shows us the true purpose of Heart.  All the heroes are trying to stop Heart and Zamasu but they can't stop heart to reach his final form. Zamasu protests the process of transformation through which Heart gets his final form.

Jiern and Hit also come to universe 7 to help Goku but they don't have any match to new Heart. Heart transforms into a God slayer and killed Zamasu intentionally and shows the God that he will kill the all God especially omni king God. The next episode will show us how will Goku and his friends face the God slayer Heart. 

The seven deadly sin S4 episode 1 review

The seven deadly sin is one of the best anime series which shows us the war between demons, Angel and human beings.  This anime shows us the magical world were humans used magical powers to fight against demons. This anime shows us the story of the seven deadly sin who are the group of seven warriors who fight  against darkness. 

The first episode recalls the story so far i,e how the group of demons the ten commandments revived and took control over a kingdom and how the world went under the darkness. The first episode shows us that the captain of the seven deadly sin Meliodas and Ban rescue the villagers from demons. Meliodas wants to compete this group and after that he wants to fight against the ten commandments.  

This episode shows us the situation of the Britannia and Liones kingdom.
This episode also shows us the conditions of normal people who becomes the toy for demons.

The hero is overpowered but overly cautious episode 2 review

This episode shows us a good fight between Seiyu and Chaos Machina. Both Ristarte and Seiyu run away from chaos Machina and come back to Divine realm. Seiyu starts his training. This anime shows us a good storyline with humor.  Ristarte gets frustrated with Seiyu as she doesn't like the behavior of Seiyu. In other hand, Chaos Machina threatens Ristarte to come back that planet and if she doesn't then Machina will kill all the civilians of that town where they met.

Seiyu completes his training and come back to the town to face Chaos Machina. Seiyu shows some awesome moves but Machina used her secret powers and powerups herself which gives tension to Ristarte. Machina attack Seiyu with her full power but he dodged that attack perfectly. Basically, Seiyu hides his power level from other so no one knows his true strength.  He killed Machina with his magical sword but as we know that he was too cautious so he started burning Machina ashes with his flame power and during this process he just burn the whole town.

The hero is overpowered but overly cautious episode 1 review

The hero is overpowered but overly cautious is a Japanese light novel series written by Light Tuchihi. The manga of this series first published in 2017 and the first episode of its anime  released on 2nd  October 2019. This anime makes your mood lighter from this first episode. 

In the first episode,  we see some hilarious and some awesome scenes.  The story of this anime series started with the goddess Ristarte who is the goddess of healing. She becomes a class-s goddess and he signed a mission to save a planet from demon and for that she needs a hero from other dimension so he summoned a teenager whose name is Seiya Ryuguin from  Japan who are overpowered but after that she realizes that he is cautious.

He asked so many questions from Ristarte and he agreed to save that planet but after the training. He trained for two week. This episode shows us how much cautious he is ? He just justed his all power to kill a small demon who is already dead but he is too cautious so he used his special powers again and again to satisfy himself.

When a high level demon shows up than he just run away from him because he wants to train more before the fight. This anime has good comedy scenes and action. This anime will entertain you so much.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Black Clover episode 104 "lightning of rage vs friends" review

Hello friends,  in this article we will discuss about the latest episode of black clover anime. The war between reincarnated elves and magical knights is on the peak and everyone want to same Clover Kingdom. Episode 104 shows us a battle between Luck and his friends. Vanessa and Magna try to save Luck from reincarnation magic but they haven't any match with the elve who capture the body of Luck.

Vanessa used her magic of fate but this magic doesn't stop that elve. Luck body resists himself but he has no control on his body and he couldn't help his friends.  At the end, both Magna and Vanessa get tied and they have lack of magic inside them but the magic of fate brings Asta at that place where Magna and Vanessa is fighting with Luck. This episode shows us the true power of lightning mage. Asta, Magna and Vanessa are together defeat Luck and try to get him back . The preview of next episode shows us a bond between friends. The next episode will shows us some interesting things too. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Black Clover episode 103 "release from misfortune "

Black Clover shows us the epic battle between magic knights and elves. All the elves incarnated and they want to destroy human civilization.  All the magic knights want to save their kingdom but they have no match against elves except few magic knights. In the meantime,  Yuno and Asta protect their village and their family. Episode 103 shows us the power of Asta's third sword which heal everyone in the village. 

He also experiences the power of Litch through that sword.  After that Yuno and Asta undo the incarnation of their fellow magic knight. This magic knight tells Yuno and Asta that the soul of elve inside his body doesn't want to attack human, someone else makes them to do this things.

I think,  black clover will shows us some interesting stuff in future.