Thursday, March 28, 2019

Yu-gi-oh Vrains " Bohman vs soulburner "

In the previous episode, we saw the clash between Bohman and Soulburner and it continues in this episode.
Yu-gi-oh vrains episode 95 shows us a massive battle between Bohman and Soulburner. After the Playmaker gets faint, Soulburner became angry and he challenges Bohman, and they dual in the sea because Bohman has water attribute.

Bohman summoned link 3 paradox hydradrive atlas who destroyed the cyberse world, which was the homeland of Flames. In the next turn, Bohman uses judgement dice which allow him to summon a special hydradrive link monster Monarch whose attack point is 3000. Due to atlas effect Monarch attribute become water attribute. Bohman removes one hydradrive counter to roll a die and he uses judgement dice against and sends Heatleo to the graveyard and Soulburner get 500 life point damage. After that Bohman direct attack to the Soulburner and decrease his life point to 500.

By showing Bohman the salamangreat sanctuary in Soulburner's hand, he active shrine's effect which allow him to revive Heatleo back and after that he active reincarnation link summoned Heatleo's effect by which Heatleo attack point become the same as Mole in the graveyard which is 3000. Heatleo attacks Rousing hydradrive Monarch but Bohman activates his trap card which decreases Heatleo attack point to 0. During the duel, Windy come out from the body of Flames and try to kill both Soulburner and flame but flame manages to take care of Windy and save Soulburner but he dies.

Soulburner continues his duel with new power and he summoned link 4 monster Salamangreat Pyro Phoenix and he destroys all card on Bohman field but he can't destroy atlas's effect. After that Bohman use his judgement rolls effect and decrease the Pyro Phoenix attack point to 0 and he directly attacks Soulburner and he defeats him. This is the end of Soulburner
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