Monday, April 29, 2019

Attack On Titan " The Town Where Everything Began"

After a long time gap, Attack on titan new season first episode is aired on 28th April with it's awesomeness. This new season will show us a massive war between human and titan. Attack on titan episode 50, shows us that the scouts are moving toward the wall Maria to retake it.

The scouts travel all night  to reach wall Maria. In their way, it refresh the memory of Erin. The scouts team reached the wall Maria where they are starting to search for titan but Bertholdt and Reiner knew that they are coming so they make plane to trapped all of them and they are hiding somewhere. Captain Levi's  team move toward the outer wall and Erin plugs the hole of the wall.

At the same time , Arlelt is searching  for the enemies and he finds some evidence that the enemies are hiding somewhere. For locating the enemies, a unit under Artelt's command start searching but they couldn't find them. After that Artelt realized that enemies must be hiding in the wall and they start searching the wall and they find Renier who is hiding in the wall. Suddenly captain Levi attack Reiner but he couldn't finish him and Reiner  turned into titan form. All his subordinates who are hiding  also transform to their titan form and this time we see that the leader of their group " the largest titan ". The war between  human and titan just starts.

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Dragon Ball Hero " Fierce Battle! Goku And Vegita"

After a month,  dragon ball hero episode 10 is aired on 18th  April which continues the universe conflict arc. As we saw in previous episode, Goku arrived  at the battlefield  with his Grand Priest Goku avatar.

The battle  in universe 11 is going on and Dragon Ball Hero latest episode  introduces new villain. The battle  between Goku and Omen and Kamin going  on and Goku easily beating them. Oren and kamin are merged and become kamioren to defeat Goku but still they have no match with Goku.

Heart attacks Goku with the crystal, Goku stop the crystal but lose his ultra instinct form. The new villain is inside  the crystal  and her name is Lagss. She said "my glass slice him apart " and the broken part of crystal slices Goku continuously  and Goku fall down.

After seeing that, vegita attacks Kamioren but he fail, then He power-ups himself and transforms to SSGSS.
In the next episode, we will see his new transformation

Karakuri Circus "Animals Show"

In the previous episode, we saw that Masaru and Lisa are in Mont Saint Michel and they are searching for Eleonore.  Karakuri circus 26 is continue this story as we known that Lisa fall in a dark place, this dark place is a cage of wild beasts and Masaru is in the room where the real bodies  of android OS are preserved. All the beasts in the cage are legendary beast such as unicorn, gorgon, basilisk,  and Cerberus.

At the meantime, Faceless summon Eleonore and show her Masaru and Lisa in the screen and tell her that he gonna kill both of them. The beast in the cage are not tamed by automaton, so Lisa tamed them and come out from the cage which shocked Dr. Leo. She order her beast to attack Dr. Leo. In the preservative room, Masaru and Columbine attack all Android OS but they are captured by them. Before  the battle  Masaru shut down the system which preserved Android  real bodies.

All the real bodies  of Android are come out from their cell and start crying  by seeing  their android's bodies and the Android OS are scared by seeing  their old and ugly  bodies.  Here, we see the reality  of life that,  ones who take birth,  he/ she becomes old and also dies some day. Android OS couldn't  this reality and they are killing  their own real bodies.

At the outside of Mont Saint Michel,  Dr. Leo run way from Lisa but Lisa chases him  and destroy him and come back to join Masaru. Masaru also move forward  where Faceless  shown up with his trustful automaton.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

One Punch Man "The Human Monster "

One punch man season 2 episode 2 introduces the main villain Garo who admires monsters and he killed hero one after another. He appears in the meeting which held on HQ and shows his intention he is gonna killed all heroes and villains as he called himself "Human monster". First he kills all three hero who are in meeting, then all the person in the meeting accept Sitch and declares war against human.

In the meantime, Hellish Blizzard and Speed-o-sound sonic are approaching to Saitama as one of them want to defeat him and other want to joined him to her team. As we all know that Saitama work lonely and he doesn't care about rank and position so he declines Hellish.  She attack Saitama with her powerful attack  but it not effect Saitama which surprised her. At the same time, they are distract by Genos and Speed - o- sound. Hellish  shocked after knowing that Genos is Saitama disciple. 

The fight between them still going  on and Genos used his new part and shows Speed-o-sound his new power. The fight between them  is intense and both of them using theirs strongest move which will destroy  surrounding,  so Saitama stop Genos and and as usual he defeat Speed -o- sound sonic in one punch. At the end, Hellish is telling her intention and also tell him that there are other heroes who are stronger than him like Handsome Kamen Amai mask and King and suddenly King arrives to see Saitama and to get back his video game. She doesn't understand the situation and she get  suprised and shocked. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Black Clover " Mister Delinquent VS Muscle Brains"

Black clover shows us a new backstory of interesting character "sol" in episode 79. The battle between Team B and Team C is going on and they attacking  each other  to destroy theirs crystal. Ashta knocked down Kirsch and Xerx setup trap outside of pit.

At the same-time Sol and Mimosa facing each other. Sol uses golem to protect their crystal and also to attack Mimosa. Mimosa find out the location of crystal through her magic flower guidepost which is inside the Sol's golem. Mimosa planted a seed of weed into the golem and she uses magic flower canon to distract Sol. Sol trap Mimosa in her cloud seal and move toward to Ashta and Xerx.

Suddenly, Magna shown up and he used his new magic to destroy crystal  of Team B. Ashta is unable to dodge that attack and it hit the crystal.  At this time, we see teamwork between  Ashta and Xerx and after few minutes Xerx used his trap magic and reflected Magna's magic toward him. At the same-time, Sol shown up and attack on Team B crystal but the seed of weed which is implanted by Mimosa  is grown up and immobilized Sol's golem and that time  Ashta destroy the crystal of Team C.

The next battle is between both brothers,  Finral and Langris which will be fantastic.  In my opinion, the true identity of Xerx will be shown after the event of Royal Knights.  I hope all of you will like my review regarding Black Clover latest episode

Sunday, April 14, 2019

One Piece "All The Captain Of The Revolutionary Army Appears "

The reverie arc is going to start so to get proper start,  one piece episode  880  is plotting  the initial story-line. As we know all the kings are going to reverie so all small pirates groups attacks town in their kingdom and robbed goods and money. A pirates group lead by their captain Preachead who is one of the subordinates of the Blackbeard pirates attack on a town and robbed their goods and money from the citizens.

Suddenly a giant appears from the ground who is Morley one of the captain of the Revolutionary army and defense the citizens. After that one by one all the captain  of Revolutionary army appears. Morley- captain of the Revolutionary army western forces, BeloBetty- captain of the Revolutionary army eastern forces, Lindbergh- captain of the Revolutionary army southern forces and Karasu- captain of the Revolutionary army northern forces.

In the meantime,  leader  of the Revolutionary army  Monkey D. Dragon  and his subordinates arrive to kamabakka kingdom which is their new Headquarters. In there Sabo reads the news of Luffy and his new bounty. All the top officers are meet there and they decide how they enter reverie and attack celestial dragon. At the same-time, Betty used her devil fruit 's power and motivate citizens  to fight against pirates by waving her flag. All the citizens attack pirates and all other captain backs them hence, they easily all pirates and capture their captain Pearchead. After that, Betty give citizens Revolutionary army contacts information for future. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Karakuri Circus" At Mont Saint Michel"

Masaru and Lisa are following Faceless and want to rescue Shirogane. In their way, they are attacked by one of their enemies. In Karakuri circus  Episode 25" At Mont Saint Michel", we see that Shirogane was kept on Mont Saint Michel which  is an old monastery in France and it is also be the HQ of Lord Faceless.

After getting attack by one of his enemies, Masaru find himself near to Mont Saint Michel where Dr. Lao one of the slaves of Faceless who is a wild beast tamer attack them. Lisa want to avenge her sister  so she decided  to fight Dr. Lao alone and tell Masaru to get going.  Masaru enters the Mont Saint Michel where he encounters with Columbine who is one of the oldest automaton.  She capture him and ask him some questions whose answer satisfy her and she decided to leave Masaru but Naya Steele one of Faceless subordinates shown up  and kicked Columbine and want to capture Masaru alive  so Faceless can change  his body  with him.

Columbine helps Masaru to escape from there  and they are going  to rescue Shirogane. In the meantime,  Lisa has problem in fighting with automaton beast so he run to the room where is Arlequino playing his guitar and he save Lisa. Lisa ask him why he save he then he replied that Lady  Francine ordered  him don't hurt any humans. At the same time Masaru and Columbine jumped into the big hole. Lisa thanks Arlequino with smile which gives Arlequino a strange feeling.  After jumping in the hole , Masaru  arrive to the room where the original bodies of OS were kept. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

One Punch Man" The Hero's Return"

The second season of one Punch  man is start and its first episode is air on 9th April. One Punch Man 2 Episode 1" The Hero's Return ", shows us about King who is the class S rank 7 hero and also known as world strongest hero but actually he is just alier who take credit of Saitma.

In first episode, we see that monster and giant robot come to kill King which scared him. When a giant robot challenged him, he just run away from there but Saitma follows him to his apartment where a giant bird attack King. Saitma easily defeat him and he realizes that King is  a rookie who pee in his pant by seeing monster. 

In the meantime, Genos is fighting against giant robot in the town. There is a massive battle between them and finally Genos defeat giant robot and take its part to Dr. Kuseno to make himself more stronger. At the same time their is the meeting in HQ of Hero association where the leader of association Sitch invited all the criminals from the underworld. During the meeting a unknown person tell all the secret of HQ and want to meet Saitma and at the same time Hellish Blizzard who is class B rank 1 hero also want to meet Saitma and both want to know about the secret of Saitma's strength.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Black clove" Peasant Trap"

As we all know that the entrance exam of the royal knight is going on and stage one is completed. The last round of stage one was won by Yuno's team. For the second stage, the battlefield is changed and all the knights will fight on a different battlefield. The first battle is between team B and team C. Team A have Xerx, Mimosa, and Ashta and Team C have Kirsch, Sol, and Magna.

Black Clover Episode 78 " Peasant Trap", shows as a furious battle between Team B and Team C.  Before the battle, there is argue between Xerx and Ashta about the trap. Xerx agree that he set up bunch of traps around the battlefield before the battle as he got Intel  about where the exam held. He also said that is not a cheating.

Round one of second stage begin, Sol covers the whole field with storm of petal by using his cherry blossom magic. To cut down Sol's magic Ashta uses his devil mode and clear the field and also erased the trap which was set by Xerx. After that, there is no choice for Xerx and he team up with Ashta after their argument. Ashta's movie make sol furious and he alone attack Team B and fall for their trap and get trapped on a large hole and Ashta attack him and defeat him. The battle is still going on and we will see it in next episode. 

Dororo " The Story Of Blank faced Budda"

After his meeting and fight with his family, Hyakkimaru and Dororo move toward the next village. In their way, Dororo hear about hot spring and she wants to bath there but Hyakkimaru deny. After Hyakkimaru leaving his father's land, it again blessed with rain and Diego deals with demon still stand.

Dororo Episode 13 " The Story Of The Blank Faced Buddha", shows us the story of the blank-faced Buddha statue which was made by the carver but he can't make its face to fulfill his duty demon of the statue revive him and give him the power to change his face and voice to the person who peoples love most and he takes the faces of people to the statue. Dororo also falls for his trick as he just looks like her mother. Both Hyakkimaru and Dororo stay in carver house in the night and have dinner with him. Carver mix sleeping drugs in their food and bring Hyakkimaru to the blank-faced Buddha.

Hyakkimaru sense a demon in that statue. he fights against that demon and in the end, he defeats that demon. After that both Hyakkimaru and Dororo go to the hot spring to take bath.

Sunday, April 7, 2019

One Piece"The StrawHats Sworn Allies Come Together"

After cake island incident, there is nothing specific happen in one piece. As we saw in previous episode news of the fifth emperor of sea spread all over the world and world government thinking about that.

In One Piece Episode 879," The Straw-hats Sworn Allies Come Together ", we see that 50 leaders of the world hold the world conference every four years which is known as Reverie and they are coming for reverie. In the meantime, at sunny both Luffy and Sanji are sad as Sanji think his bounty is an increase due to Grema influence while Luffy ha misunderstanding that his bounty is decreased.

All the leaders of all kingdoms are on the way to reverie since they attacked by some pirates group. Rebecca and Leo saw the newspaper and talking about Luffy to their king while a pirate group attack them through underwater but Coby save them and introduce himself to the king, at that moment he sees the news of Luffy in the newspaper and he is thinking about his past as how he met Luffy and how he inspired by him.

At the last, all four emperors talking about Luffy especially Big Mom and Kiddo as we know that both are bully by Luffy. In the end, Brook sees the wanted poster of Luffy and shocked to see the bounty of Luffy which is increased to 1.5 billion berries.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind "Spicy Lady"

In the previous episode, we saw that Boss's assassin attack Giorno's team. They took a plane to travel to Sardinia but they attacked by a stand and Giorno lost his both hand and he thought that he defeat the enemies stand but he can't.

Image result for picture of jojo bizarre adventure
In Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure Golden Stand Episode 24 " Spicy Lady", we see that the stand of the assassin is invincible. It seems that there is no way to defeat that stand. Bucciarati left Trish and go to the cabin to check Abbacchio. In the meantime, the enemy Stand attack on the Trish. Trish know about the ability of that stand so she walks slowly to reach the cabin but she gets caught by assassin's stand but her stand "Spicy Lady" save her and tell her if she has confidence then they defeat that stand to save broach which was left by Giorno to form his one hand.

Then Trish defeat a small part of assassin's stand and she thinks that she defeat it and take the broach but when Bucciarati come out from the cabin he sees the assassin's stand who is destroying the engine of the plane and he alerts Trish to walk slowly to him then Trish realize that assassin's stand still alive and he attacks Trish. Trish turns the cabin to elastic object and cut the remaining part of the plane which is occupied by the assassin's stand but still, that stand attacked to Abbacchio, then Bucciarati removes the sand from him and throws it to the sea. Finally, Bucciarati's team Safely landed to Sardinia to find out the identity of the Boss.

Friday, April 5, 2019

Karakuri Circus "Escape"

In the previous episode, we saw that automata attacked the facility which cures ZONAPHA syndrome. Faceless knew that human-invented a machine name, Harry which can cure the human of ZONAPHA syndrome and he ordered his automata to capture Harry.

In Karakuri Circus Episode 24 "Escape", we see that how Narumi and other escape from the hospital as we know that George die in the battle and Ashihana won his battle against Pantalone and ask him why he misses his target, he said that Lady Francine says him never hurt any human so he can't. In the meantime, Narumi and Mingxia are going to protect Harry but two automata are there to take Harry and there is a battle between them to protect Harry. Narumi easily defeats the first one but Mingxia faces the leader of the assault team, Blom Blom Low who defeat Mingxia easily which make Narumi furious.

After that Narumi attack, Blom Blom Low but his punches can't effect Blom Blom Low, then Narumi realized that he doesn't have the same body so he can surpass his limit and attack Blom Blom Low with his full power and defeat him. In the meantime, Ashihana called a clown train to escape from the hospital. He takes Harry along with all doctor and children. In the main entrance, Guy is fighting with so many automata and he is on his limit but Pantalone helps him to escape from there. Finally, all of them escaped from that place on the clown train. 
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Yu-gi-oh Vrain" Lightning's Crime"

In the previous episode, we saw that Soulburner got defeated by Bohman and transfer the hope and future of earth and igni's world to the playmaker.

In Yu-gi-oh Vrain episode 96" Lightning's crime" we see that Revolver send a message to Lightning. Lightning comes to the Revolver and asks him, why he send a message to him. Revolver sat that he know his all crime which make Lightning angry and now there is dual between them to stop each other. Meantime Playmaker gets ready to take revenge for his friend.

In his first turn Lightning summon Armatos Legi Gladius which allow him to add a field spell, Armatos Colosseum to his hand and he active field spell and then finally he summons link 3 Armatos Legio Plumbum Trident which has 2800 attack point and he ended his turn by placing a trap card on the field. In the meantime, both Playmaker and Bohman arrive at the flower field where the battle is going on.

After that Revolver tell everyone the crime of Lightning that is his free will to simulated the data of cyberse world and he also did several billion simulations on the future of the Ignis's relationship with human and after that he wants to annihilate both human and Ignis for that he create Bohman.

Now, this is Revolver turn he also activates field spell, boot sector launch which allows him to summon link 4 Borreload Dragon and finally summon gateway Dragon Autorakket Dragon to encounter judgment arrow. Revolver also used his magic card and summon link 4 Borreload Dragon and this is the end of the episode.
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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

"Black Clover" Bad Blood

In the previous episodes of Black clover, we saw that the entrance exam for Royal Knights was going on and almost more than half of the exam was completed. There are only four teams are left. The next battle is between Team M and Team N.

 In Black Clover episode 77" Bad Blood" we see that the battle between Team M and N is going on and Luck and Klaus of Team M show their new technique and defeat their opponent and destroy their crystal easily.

The last round is between Team O and Team P. Tam O have Sandler, Dmitri, and Solid while Team P have En, Noelle, and Yuno. There is a argue between Yuno and Noelle before the battle and suddenly Noelle's older brother Solid interface between them and taunt  Noelle about her weak magic power. There is a flashback in which it show that how Solid taunt his younger sister about her weakness and telling her why their mother sacrifices her life for this weakling and solid torture  Noelle every time.

Now the battle being, Team O attack directly on Tam P with their combo magic power but Yuno stop them easily. Now Team P split into two groups, Yuno is protecting the crystal while Noelle and En attack their opponent to destroy their crystal and this is the time for face up between Solid and Noelle. Noelle attacks his older brother with her sea dragon roar and defeat him with a single blow and also destroy the crystal. The initial battle between the groups was to end. 
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