Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Black Clover " Mister Delinquent VS Muscle Brains"

Black clover shows us a new backstory of interesting character "sol" in episode 79. The battle between Team B and Team C is going on and they attacking  each other  to destroy theirs crystal. Ashta knocked down Kirsch and Xerx setup trap outside of pit.

At the same-time Sol and Mimosa facing each other. Sol uses golem to protect their crystal and also to attack Mimosa. Mimosa find out the location of crystal through her magic flower guidepost which is inside the Sol's golem. Mimosa planted a seed of weed into the golem and she uses magic flower canon to distract Sol. Sol trap Mimosa in her cloud seal and move toward to Ashta and Xerx.

Suddenly, Magna shown up and he used his new magic to destroy crystal  of Team B. Ashta is unable to dodge that attack and it hit the crystal.  At this time, we see teamwork between  Ashta and Xerx and after few minutes Xerx used his trap magic and reflected Magna's magic toward him. At the same-time, Sol shown up and attack on Team B crystal but the seed of weed which is implanted by Mimosa  is grown up and immobilized Sol's golem and that time  Ashta destroy the crystal of Team C.

The next battle is between both brothers,  Finral and Langris which will be fantastic.  In my opinion, the true identity of Xerx will be shown after the event of Royal Knights.  I hope all of you will like my review regarding Black Clover latest episode

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