Thursday, April 11, 2019

Karakuri Circus" At Mont Saint Michel"

Masaru and Lisa are following Faceless and want to rescue Shirogane. In their way, they are attacked by one of their enemies. In Karakuri circus  Episode 25" At Mont Saint Michel", we see that Shirogane was kept on Mont Saint Michel which  is an old monastery in France and it is also be the HQ of Lord Faceless.

After getting attack by one of his enemies, Masaru find himself near to Mont Saint Michel where Dr. Lao one of the slaves of Faceless who is a wild beast tamer attack them. Lisa want to avenge her sister  so she decided  to fight Dr. Lao alone and tell Masaru to get going.  Masaru enters the Mont Saint Michel where he encounters with Columbine who is one of the oldest automaton.  She capture him and ask him some questions whose answer satisfy her and she decided to leave Masaru but Naya Steele one of Faceless subordinates shown up  and kicked Columbine and want to capture Masaru alive  so Faceless can change  his body  with him.

Columbine helps Masaru to escape from there  and they are going  to rescue Shirogane. In the meantime,  Lisa has problem in fighting with automaton beast so he run to the room where is Arlequino playing his guitar and he save Lisa. Lisa ask him why he save he then he replied that Lady  Francine ordered  him don't hurt any humans. At the same time Masaru and Columbine jumped into the big hole. Lisa thanks Arlequino with smile which gives Arlequino a strange feeling.  After jumping in the hole , Masaru  arrive to the room where the original bodies of OS were kept. 

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