Friday, May 31, 2019

Karakuri circus " Valediction"

The journey of Narumi,  Masaru and Eleonore are going on and we will the reunion of them. Narumi and Eleonore are on their mission to go to the space station and defeat Faceless but the automaton of Faceless is chasing them and want to stop them. This month we see death of some characters who play a important part to save humanity. 
Karakuri circus episode 32 shows us little romance between Narumi and Eleonore and they send time together but Narumi hide his feelings from her because he think there is no future for them and he decides that he won't come back from the space station so he depress his feelings toward Eleonore and just want to save humanity.  At last , Masaru reunites with Nakamura circus and want to Eleonore and Narumi but they stop him as they want to give some time to Narumi and Eleonore and they want that they spend quality time together  because they know about the decision of Narumi.  Next month,  Karakuri circus will bring some twist and turn and it makes the upcoming episodes more interesting.

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