Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kimetsu No Yaiba -06 "Swordsman Accompanies a Demon "

The journey of Tanjiro as Demon Slayer started and his first mission to find the demon who is kidnapping girls from the town of Northwest but there are more surprises and turn in his journey. 
In his first mission, he faced a high level demon which make this episode more interesting.  Kimestu no yaiba shows us that there are so many things will happen in the future of this series.  If you are the manga reader,  you should know that. 
Tanjiro starts searching the demon with his special ability of smelling any scent. I get suprised that on his first mission he gonna face a Morphed demon who can use a special  spell called " Blood Demon Art" but our hero is far stronger than them but episode-06 shows that Tanjiro facing  problems against that demon.
This episode also reveals the main villain of Kimetsu no yaiba who can turn human into demon and the first one who became a demon,  the demon name is "Muizan Kibutsuji". I think after this , it drawn the attention of all viewers and built a craze among them. As we all know that he has his sister with him who supports him in very worse situation. 

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