Thursday, June 27, 2019

0ne punch man S2 episode 11 "everyone's dignity "

Before the great battle between heroes and monsters association,  OPM shows us more about Garo and his intention and the main question is why he wants to become more stronger than anyone, although his faith brings him close to Saitama and after his meeting with Saitama he will also change like Suirya. 
Episode-11 shows us that Garo is surrounded by heroes and this is the toughest time for him but he surpasses his limit and defeating heroes one by one. He also copy some moves from Watchdog for more variations and speed in his attack. Death Gatling and his friends wanted to defeat him without the help of Class S heroes but they underestimate Garo and they loss but Ganos shown up and he gives a tough fight to Garo.

Genos told Garo about his master Saitama who is the ultimate hero and no one can defeat him which surprised Garo and he wants to meet Saitma but Bang also reaches there to stop Garo. Meanwhile,  Saitama is also left the King's house for find out Genos. I hope in next episode we will see a real encounter between Saitama and Garo. 

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