Saturday, June 1, 2019

Jojo Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind " Geentea and Sanctuary "

Jojo bizarre adventure Golden Wind is taking a interesting turn as it will show us few characters of previous series.  Now let discuss the latest  episode 30, 31,and 32 . I review three episode in same time because the title of these episode are same and they continue the same story. Giorno's team is leading toward Colosseum to meet Polnareff who will tell him about the bow and arrow  but they are followed by passione's assassin and they having problems to defeat them but our heroes will destroy them with their unique style. 

Both assassin's stand Greentea and Sanctuary are powerful and their combination is a deadly combination  but Bucciarati and Giorno seperate them and tackle them cleverly.  We also see some unique ability of Greentea user Cioccolate but the combo attack of Mista and Giorno is fabulous specially bullet 5 who help Giorno allot to defeat Cioccolate. I think all the assassins of Passione is underestimate Giorno's ability and his stand power although he suprised them everytime.

We see that Cioccolate get defeated but his partner assassin gives a hard time to Bucciarati and the battle between them are massive but at the end, Bucciarati  defeat him and he also get injured.  The latest episode get more interesting when it shows the Boss in front of Bucciarati and he will want to kill Bucciarati as he is injured. Meanwhile,  Polnareff is waiting for them but after watching the situation of Bucciarati, he made his decision,  if Bucciarati doesn't come to Colosseum then he will destroy the arrow.  This new month will bring so many twists and turns in Jojo bizarre adventure and I think soon we see a battle between Boss and Giorno. 

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