Saturday, August 10, 2019

Dr. Stone episode 3 "weapons of science "

In this episode,  Dr. Stone shows us both  the good and dark side of human which makes this episode more interesting.  Tsukasa want to kill all the older human and wants to builds a civilization for youth without no rule and law. Tsukasa is starting to destroy all the old person corpse.  After knowing the intention of Tsukasa,  Senku doesn't reveal the secret of revival fluid. Taiju and Senku revive Yuzuriha in absence of Tsukasa.  Senku tell Taiju true intentions of Tsukasa and tell him to escape from this with Yuzuriha. 

Taiju and Senku want to stop Tsukasa but both of them have no match with Tsukasa. So they decide to live their house in the absence of Tsukasa and make weapons of science. Senku and this team are going to find some other minerals to make weapons of science i,e gun. Tsukasa come back to his hideout where he see that Senku and others leave that place and gone some other place. Tsukasa knows that Senku can't defeat him with bare hands so he understands that Senku wants to make weapons of science. Senku and his team reach mt. Fuji where Senku wants to make gunpowder with volcanic minerals.

Dr. Stone episode 2 " The king of the stone world "

Dr. Stone brings some interesting turn in this episode.  Episode 2 shows us that Taiju and Senku want to revive  Yuzuriha and they take that revival fluid to her but they were attacked by lion. Taiju and Senku run from lion because both haven't any weapons to stop lion. To be alive,  Senku revive the strongest primate high schooler Tsukasa who kills lion with his bare hands.

The physical power of Tsukasu make Senku worry because in stone world strongest man can rule the world but Tsukasa shows decency and become the third member of Senku's group. Tsukasa started hunting animal for food . Senku wants calcium carbonate and for that he collects shell from the beaches.  Senku always has doubts on Tsukasa and finally Tsukasa shows his true intentions by killing a person who turns into stone. 

Dr. Stone episode 1 "stone world "

Dr. Stone is a Japanese manga series written by Riichiro Inagaki. This series shows us a unique concept in which the world gone back to stone age. The first episode is starting with Taiju who want to confess his love to Yuzuriha and for that he want a love potion so he goes to his friend Senku who is a brilliant science student.  Senku tell Taiju that he will confess his love without the help of anything. When Taiju is confessing his love to Yuzuriha then, a green light turn every human into stone.

After 3700 years later, Taiju manages to  free from that imprison stone. After that he finds his friend Senku who is already get revived. Senku want to rebuild human civilization with the help of science. First he find how both of them get revived. He get knowledge that he revived with the help of nitric acid which injected by bats. Both Senku and Taiju successfully made revival fluid which help them to build human civilization. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Black Clover episode 95 "reincarnation "

This episode clears all the confusion which was created by previous episode. In previous episode we saw two Litch which builds confusion among viewers.  Episode 95 shows the story of Litch and his friends.  Litch was chosen by four leaf grimoire.  He lived happily and peacefully with his elves family and one day he met human princess and her brother who was the first wizard king. Litch and princess fallen in love and get married but in their wedding day,  they were killed by a unknown source.

Patry who was Litch's friend thought that human attack them with light magic which was possessed by first wizard king. Before his death,  Litch use reincarnation magic which help Patry to live inside a human body. Patry's  human form has same face as Litch.  Which means that Patry is the leader of the eyes of midnight sun. He uses the body of William Vengeance. 

Black Clover episode 94 "New generation "

In previous episode,  we saw that Litch defeated wizard king and escaped from that place.  In this episode,  we see Yami comes to wizard king and sits next to him. Wizard king knows that he will die so he tells Yami to save the kingdom which makes Yami emotional and he is thinking about his first meeting with wizard king. 

Meanwhile, Royal knights engage in battle with the eyes of midnight sun. Captain Mereoleona is fighting with Raia. Yuno and his group  moving toward to the center of the hideout where they see the body of Litch.  This scene creates confusion among viewers as this episode shows us two Litch. Fake Litch is in the front of stone tab where he is going to reincarnated his all elves friends.  After reincarnation, we see real Litch awakens from his sleep and we also see Yuno turns into elves. 

Black Clover episode 93 "Julius Novachrono"

Black Clover brings some twists and turns through it's new episode.  Previously,  we saw that Litch was planning to killed  wizard king Julius Novachrono and went to meet wizard king. Litch told wizard king that he and William Vengeance are the same person. Episode 93 shows us a massive battle between Litch and wizard king and also shows us the desire of wizard king.  Wizard king easily predicts all the movie of Litch and Litch has no match to wizard king. 

In flashback,  we see the desire and purpose of Julius and why he wants to become a wizard king.  He always wanted to remove inequalities and discrimination among people and for that he works hard and earned the trust of people and become wizard king. He always wanted to see both royal and peasant respect each other.  He just wanted to protect all the people of the kingdom. Litch has no chance to win against wizard king so he tricked him by using large amounts of magic to destroy whole kingdom.  When wizard king uses his all power to protect kingdom,  Litch attacks him with his light sword and defeat the wizard king.